Women around the world for decades spend thousands on potions and products that promise to provide them youth in a jar, and day after day they awake  disappointed at the results. Yet many of these women are completely oblivious that no matter how good a day or night cream you use,  the wrong cleanser for your skin type or a cleanser that is too strong can cause untold damage.

Generally woman over the age of 30 should treat ageing skin as extremely delicate and in most cases should ensure that there are no harsh or drying ingredients to avoid stripping the skin of natural oils.

La Vita Spas recently researched and developed a high end cleanser with extremely delicate, yet effective ingredients perfectly suited to the Ageing skin. Containing Green Rooibos extract and Olive oil the cleanser gently removes all traces of make up and grime from pores whilst maintaining the skins perfect balance.

I personally have a greasy T panel and have found that this new La Vera range has made an unbelievable difference to the balance of my skin. The cleanser just leaves my skin feeling silky but definitely tones down the oiliness. I simply love it.