Interestingly if you ask plastic surgeons and anti ageing specialists what makes people look older, you will hear a myriad of responses. From wrinkles, to hooded eye lids, to shadows, to hollowed temples, to black under eye rings, stringy neck, deep nasolabial folds,  thin skin, thick skin, pigmentation, ruddy complexion and many more.

In analysis however at first glance the one single thing that is a give away of ageing is the sagging of the lower half of the face and the changing of the shape from a triangle to a square.

So if you had the choice of having surgery to hooded eye lids or a half neck lift which is becoming more and more common, the one that would produce the best and most youthful appearance would be the neck lift which would instantly restore the triangle shape to the lower part of the face.

Besides surgery the one treatment that does make a difference is non surgical face lifts whether they be by micro current, ultrasound, or radio frequency, they all tighten the lower half of the face and restore the triangle shape. Coupled with face exercises (u can find loads on line) such treatments can provide you with noticeable and sustainable results.

La Vita Spas in South Africa and UK have been successfully providing courses of non surgical face lift treatments and also encourage daily face exercises which stimulate the muscle tone and tighten the skin.