Why wait for next week, next month, next year? Why wait for a birthday or anniversary? 

Why wait at all? 

Life is your special occasion to be celebrated everyday. You deserve that “just because” treat. As a working mom of a 9 month old, it is very easy to put myself second, every time – really I don’t mind at all, as I love everything I do for my baby girl. Moms take on everything; the corporate world, planning family meals, shopping, budgeting, the household and remembering to remember to put that date of that “thing” for “what’s its name” in your iPhone calendar that also needs to be charged. 

In the world wind of reports, emails, laundry detergent and spaghetti – you lose yourself. 

Some days I feel frazzled, worn down and running on empty. Sometimes you need to be selfish and spoil yourself. Win a little of yourself back, just for you. 

That is why I love to visit the La Vita Spa at the Palace (in Durban beachfront). It is a short drive to bliss. I can check out from the world for an hour or two. I don’t wait for my birthday or when someone else (aka husband) wants to spoil me. I do it for myself.  

The calm relaxing environment and stunning views of the Indian Ocean, truly captive you.   

 Why wait – life is your special occasion, celebrate it and steal some special time for just because.