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Bippity Boppity Boo – Disney Nails to Inspire You!

We could not resist putting together some super cute Disney inspired nail art inspiration. With Disney on Ice currently in SA, there have been plenty princesses and mouse ears to be seen. Why not on your nails?

Pinterest is alive with so many amazing nail artists, we have put together a selection of our favorites for you.

Why not try your own at one of our La Vita Spas?



We are Family… a spa vacation

Girl nights, couples retreats, boys weekends, all familiar terms, but have you ever heard of family spa day? Well we want to start a revolution, where families who do wellness together, stay together.  Since spa treatments have become mainstream, and not something that is targeted towards women or exclusive. More and more people are enjoying the benefits of the spa, from massages to manicures, self love and taking care of ones body and mind is ranking high on the list of peoples needs.

La Vita Spa is proud to be associated with many family resorts around South Africa. From the western cape, KwaZulu Natal to Mpumalanga and more. When planning your next vacation, why not explore some destinations that offer a wellness spa too. And book a day for you and your family.


If you were dreaming of escaping to the mountains, Bushman’s Nek Resort has plenty for the whole family to do. Book an early morning outride, have breakfast on the deck overlooking the mountains, then spend the afternoon relaxing at the La Vita Spa onsite.

Looking to watch the waves? La Vita Spa can be found at La Montagne Resort in Ballito, this large family styled holiday destination is designed for families. The spa is open late, so after a day spent in the sun, an evening spa booking is something different to enjoy.

A family spa day is ideal for those with older children, teens and above. Those with younger kids, will enjoy a shorter time spent letting the littles have their first manicures. Cue the camera for those cute little pink nails, and happy little faces.

Family spa days are something different, and a great way to relax all together.

Don’t be boring this Father’s Day – we have 5 gift ideas for you!

Why do we always go for the traditional gifts for dad for Fathers Day? The socks, gadgets and DIY, ring a bell? Our first instinct is to grab the all familiar, sometimes impulsive or last minute item off the shelf. Well not all of us, we know some of you go that extra mile to spoil your dad, planning in advance and choosing just the right item to show how much you love him.

For those that need a little more guidance on picking something a little different this year we have put a list together for you:

1- A day at the spa for him – most of our fathers work hard each day and have plenty stress weighing them down. They would not think twice about booking themselves some indulgence at the spa. So why not make the decision for them and help them take the leap. They get to really relax, let that stress melt away and enjoy the day. This might even be his first time having a spa treatment, so maybe choose something you know your dad will be comfortable with.

2- Weekend away, if your budget allows, nothing beats some quality time together and creating more family memories. Weather this is for your dad or your husband, or both, bringing everyone together in a beautiful setting with activities and shared experiences is one of the books and something awesome to post to Facebook.

3- Are your kids still small? Why not do some arts and crafts? Not all gifts need to cost an arm and a leg, they may cost you some soap and extra cleaning up as you try to remedy the paint that has found its way onto everything. Pinterest has hundreds of Fathers Day craft ideas to use for inspiration and it’s something fun to keep the children entertained too. They will run through Sunday morning with more pep in their step, knowing they did it themselves.

4 – We as women would like to give those DIY tools and projects to our hubbies, with a giant hint, hint for them to do all those items we have had on the “to do list” – but maybe dad wants to be celebrated for being a dad. Raising his kids and having something that reflects his contribution? Why not some lovely framed photos of your kids? A set to put in his office or you could arrange a fun family shoot.

5 – Plan a fun activity, has dad wanted to always do something and never taken the leap? Think… shark cage diving, getting that tattoo he always wanted, learning to cook with professional lessons or taking up a new hobby?

Don’t Dry Out this Winter…

Updating your wardrobe? New knit wear and stylish leather boots? Stocking up on hot chocolate and warm hot water bottles. But, are you updating your skincare routine? Have you thought about it?

When there is a change in season, you can start to feel a change in the texture of your skin. It could be feeling rough and flakey in parts, especially around the elbows, knees and even your face. Many women have to change up their whole skincare routine to combat the effects of the chill in the air.


We don’t want you to feel like you need to escape and hibernate this winter, so here are some tips, tricks and products to assist you this season.


Your skin needs help to rejuvenate it and assist in the removal of old dead skin cells, that can leave your texture ashy and lack luster. We can’t stress exfoliating your skin enough. If you are like any hard working busy women, your skin routine can be something you don’t attend to often, so try to exfoliate once a week.

Drink Lots of Water

I know what you are thinking, ‘really in winter’ – yes, keep up with the H20, your body needs to keep hydrated. If the thought of cold water does not encourage you, why not a warm tea, with lemon and no milk. A hot cup of rooiboos can do wonders.


Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a great way to improve your circulation and invigorate the skin. It can also assist those tired muscles that are taking strain on the coldest of days. Treat yourself and even your partner to this wonderful experience.

Moisturize that skin

Start a daily routine of using a good body butter to keep the skin supple and flaky free.

Suggested product: Vanilla Shea Body Butter



She’s always our Mother

Mom and sacrifice are almost the same word. Why? Well moms just give and give and give. We will go without if it means giving to our kids. And there is nothing wrong with that. We love them, no matter the age, baby to grown up. A mom will sacrifice a lot over the years to ensure her children have the best and are loved and cared for when needed.

New mothers are sucked into a vortex of all things baby and toddler. Little ones are very demanding of time and attention. Needing loving care for everything. During this time moms can lose a lot of sleep and forget to take care of themselves and their skin and wellbeing.


As our children grow we being to get into the groove of things. And play dates, swimming lessons, birthday parties and more will consume all your weekend time. You will find yourself gazing down at your chipped nail polish wondering why you have not taken it off yet and then forgetting to do it when you are home.



Once they leave the “nest” they never stop being our children, and yes there is more time for us, but then come the grandchildren, and well the “me” time, takes a back burner. There is nothing wrong with spending time with the ones we love. But as the saying goes, if you don’t take good enough care of yourself, you can’t take care of those around you.


Our moms, never stop being our moms, and sometimes we need to take the time to show gratitude for all they have done for us. Thank goodness for days like Mother’s day, it forces us to slow down, stop, lean in, and appreciate the amazing things this human being has done for us!

In celebration of all things MOM, La Vita Spa is running an amazing competition for you and your mom.


Win a Mom and Daughter Bonding Package (3hrs) for you and your Mother valued at R2600 at La Vita Spas.  Package includes a Venetians Hands & Feet, Luxury Classic Soothing Facial and a Aromatherapy Full Body Massage. Show her that you care – allow us to create a sense of well being, affording you a true Spa experience which includes refreshments.

What do you have to do to enter?

1. Like and share this post.

2. Make sure you like and follow La Vita Spa on Facebook and Instagram.

3. Tag your Mother/friends and let us know why she/they deserves this prize.

4. You may enter as many times as you wish.

Winner will be announced 04 June 2018. Good Luck!

Visit for terms and conditions.

The Secret Sisterhood of the Spa

Shhhhhh….. lean in close, we have a secret to tell you….

Did you know that when you and your girlfriends get together, magic happens! Yes it does! You get to laugh, bond and catch up on each-others lives! Feel good vibes, are really just that! But we know it’s not always easy to gather the team and life can get in the way.

Wellness Spas have become a popular venue for women to gather, meet up with friends for a monthly treatment day. With La Vita Spas, a getaway can be paired with treatments too, as many of the spas are located on some of the best resorts in the country.

Making time for your girlfriends is important, these women are the ones that know you best, the ones you reach out to when you partner is driving you up the wall, or work is being a bit of drag or you need someone to understand.

A wellness spa can be a sanctury, a place that makes you feel completely comfortable and can relax, that is why we believe its the perfect place to gather your tribe. There is a treatment for everyone, those who are just wanting a quick eyebrow tint or soothing back massage, once everyone is done…

Pop some bubbly and order some canapés, and enjoy those fluffy gowns and get your beauty on!

Win a Girlfriends Package for you and your girlfriend valued at R2400 at La Vita Spas. Package includes a Spa Paraffin Manicure, Spa Paraffin Pedicure, Foot Massage and an Indian Head Massage. Catch up on the latest gossip with your girlfriend whilst beautifying yourselves and enjoying refreshments.

What do you have to do?
1. Like the competition post on the La Vita Spas Facebook page
2. Make sure you like and follow @la_vita_spas on Instagram and Facebook.
3. Tag a Facebook friend or friends that you would like to take.
4. You may enter as many times as you wish.

Winner will be announced 02 May 2018. Good Luck!

Visit for terms and conditions.

Pregnant? You need a Spa day?

When pregnant it is very easy to kinda forget about yourself when you are busy growing a baby. There are so many things on the to do and to purchase list, that we end up putting ourselves right at the bottom of the pile.

Moms, don’t do that to yourself, you to are deserving of some love and care too, pregnancy can be rough on your body and mind. When baby arrives it won’t be as easy to have that hour or two spa time.

You will have a stroller, baby’s room, and diapers to think about, you need to add a day at the spa for yourself, especially in the last couple of weeks. Near the end of your pregnancy you wont be able to reach your feet and you will want to feel your best.

Here are some treatments we advise you should consider and why:

Head, neck and shoulders massage

Sleeping can be difficult as you can’t lie on your back or stomach. Your muscles and the strain of carrying your new weight on your tummy can give you strain.


Many pregnant women suffer with swollen feet during pregnancy, some find it painful, while others, its just uncomfortable. Plus as you near the end of your third trimester, reaching for your feed, can be very difficult. To make you feel a bit better, why not treat those toes to a well deserved pedicure? A gel overlay is also a good idea, so you don’t have to worry about chipped paint either.


Soon those hands will be holding one of the best things in your life, your new little baby. The camera lens will be pointed at you and your hands holding that new bundle dear. Chipped and sad looking hands, won’t do.


Pregnancy also means crazy hormones, that can cause havoc on your face! Yes, from feeling like a teenager again with acne, to dry irritated skin and everything in between. If you are not feeling that pregnancy glow, treat yourself to some facials during your pregnancy to help you through the hormone roller coaster.


Hmmmm, sensitive topic, but pregnancy hormones can mean for some extra hair sprouting in places you don’t want, like your face! It’s also hard for pregnant women to shave their legs, so waxing is a good option, to not worry about having spiky legs.

Did you know that La Vita Spas offers all of the above or more? Take a look at their website for some amazing specials too.

Your Right to Health

On the 21 March, we will be acknowledging Human Rights day, here in South Africa.

This day is to recognise that all human beings deserve basic human rights you can read more about it here: 

At La Vita Spas this day is special, for many reasons, including the right to education, it has been our long-standing ethos to not just be a wellness spa, but a business of empowering and growing women. Through our various training programs we give the ladies that walk through our doors, the skills they need to succeed in life.

These women, many bread winners in their own households are given a skill that they can use to only further and better themselves. Many have grown on to be spa managers, or have moved on to other positions with the company and beyond. We are so proud of each and every one of them.


It is also your right to be your best self, and live a healthy life, and that is why we are always striving to bring the best service, latest treatments and technology for our clients, many of who, have become longstanding loyalty members.

There are many health and mental benefits to taking care of yourself, when you make yourself a priority in your life, many times all the pieces start to fall into place, and you are then able to take better care of your loved ones.

Being body confident goes a long way to ensure you are always at the top of your game, in life, love and career goals. We are not saying that a fabulous day at the spa will solve all your worries, but it will help to centre your thoughts, meditate on your journey and care for your body.

So this coming Human Rights day, give yourself the right to good health and a good life.

Visit La Vita Spas here.

Spa Spotlight: Bushman’s Nek

Bushman’s Nek Resort, situated in the Southern Drakensberg has undoubtedly one of the best views in the area. It has become a mecca for those seeking fresh mountain air, stunning scenery, relaxation and adventure.

The resort has a mixture of accommodation options to suit everyone’s needs, from fun family getaways to romantic escapes.

Chalet 2 bed_Unit19__KO_5119.jpg

The popularity and location of the resort was an obvious choice for La Vita Spa to make its mark in the mountains. Guests staying at Bushman’s Nek have loved the addition the wellness spa makes to their vacation.


There are a number of locations on the property where treatments are given, these include; luxury treatment rooms, outdoor treatments, rock swimming pool, and relaxation area. The spa specializes in packages including accommodation, meals and spa treatments. The spa also has its own hydro facilities.

After a day at the spa, there is so much more to do at Bushman’s Nek:

Adventure golf, gorgeous outdoor rock pool, tennis, darts, bar with big screen TV, restaurant, horse riding, fly fishing, games room, swimming pool, squash, bowls, badminton, table tennis, babysitting, public telephone, conference centre, guided trails, paintball, jungle gym, mountain hiking and daily entertainment programs.


Find out more about the spa here and to make a booking at the resort.

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