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We all need girlfriends

Do we ever have enough time for everyone is our lives? My weekends are divided between spending time with my daughter, husband, family and friends. Sometimes we can mix them all together in a large function. When I do, it is normally mass chaos of conversations and running after children. At the end of one of those “get-togethers” I will sit back, and reflect, “did I have any real conversations or time with my girlfriends?” Did we spend the whole time talking about kids and listening with half an ear as we have one eye on our little escape artists.

Sometimes I long for an hour of time with those treasured women that make you feel sane. Some coffee, gossip and a little bit of shopping. To actually give them my full attention, and them to hear me pour my heart out too. No one understands as much as your girlfriends do, when it comes to juggling work and mommy-hood.

I love the idea of a spa day, for you and your girlfriends, catching up over manicures. Feeling completely relaxed in fluffy robes, pampered to the max. Selborne Golf Estate Hotel & Spa in conjunction with La Vita Spas are running a wonderful competition for you and your girlfriend to completely escape for 4 hours! Absolute bliss!

To enter the competition click here



Mom needs a weekend too 

 May “moms month” is closing out and Mothers Day is just a distant memory or is it?  Moms around the world will agree with me I am sure…. do we ever get a weekend? On a Sunday evening do you ever feel like you need a weekend from your weekend? I know I do! 

My 10 month old has me running around, from keeping offending items out of her mouth, preventing her from any danger, playing, singing, making food, bottles, cleaning, diapers, wet wipes, bath time, garden walks and cleaning up the wake left behind. Shew! Did I leave anything out? Probably – myself. 

Tangled up in being a mom and the endless selfless acts will leave you tired and drained. Where, when and how do you relax? 

Did you know that La Vita Spas are open late? Well there are! What a delight, while on holiday or at your spa nearby, book yourself a late night treatment. The kids are fed, bathed and asleep, leave hubby behind and go get that white fluffy robe on! I suggest a wonderful massage. Once complete you can just melt into bed and fall asleep  – bliss.  



Traveling with Mum – Mothers Day Inspiration  

As a daughter, Mothers Day gives me the ideal opportunity to tell my mum how much I love, respect, appreciate and admire her. It also reminds me to aspire and make my mum proud of who I am today all because of her sacrifices.

My mum is my best friend and we spend lots of time together doing lots of different things. Travel is one of our passions that mum and I share. We recently spent a few weeks in India exploring the sights, sounds and colour of this beautiful country. Visiting the Taj Mahal one of the 10 wonders of the world was one of the highlights of our trip and not forgetting elephant riding around the Amber fort. Mum is more adventurous than I am and will give anything extreme a try. This year mum and I plan to explore Hong Kong and Thailand together for her 70th birthday.
With Mothers Day around the corner, both adults and children start searching for new ways to make the most important person in their lives feel extra special.

Taking the time to research mum’s hobbies show you care, and can result in a fantastic new gift that she would not normally purchase for herself.

I have come up with a few suggestions to help you celebrate Mothers Day and spoil the woman in your life.

➢ Visit La Vita Spa online store for gift ideas

➢ Book the Mother & Daughter Spa Package as a treat for you and mum to bond

➢ Book a weekend away at an Optima Holidays Resort with spa packages included

➢ Buy her some costume jewellery

➢ Take her on a picnic

➢ Buy her perfume

➢ Buy her a book from her favorite author

➢ Buy her some imported chocolates

➢ Buy her some flowers

➢ Treat her to High Tea at your favorite hotel

➢ Treat her to a special lunch or dinner

Love you mum, happy Mothers Day

Chat soon



The Healing Power of Touch 

 mother and daughter It is 11:30pm – my eyes are burning, frustrated and running out of options. My 9 month old baby girl is teething. She won’t settle and keeps waking up.  I have tried the following:

  • Teething gel
  • Panado syrup
  • Bottle
  • Breastfeeding 
  • Rocking and patting  

Nothing was working, she would not settle and I could see she was uncomfortable and agitated. Who could blame her with 3 new teeth cutting through. When I was on my last tether and about to breakdown. Instinct kicked in. I calmly lay her down and placed her two chubby baby feet on my lap and started to gently massage the soles of her feet. Not too light to tickle and not to hard to hurt. Within seconds I noticed the once tense tiny little body start to relax and calm. I could not believe it. The calming touch of my hands soothed her stressed little self. Soon she was in a deep sleep and not long after I too was deep in slumber. 

It reminded me that no matter the age, the healing touch of another’s hands can melt all your stresses away. Every time I visit the spa and let myself go and melt away into the caring hands of one of the well trained ladies of La Vita, I know I will leave there feeling better than I did before. Sometimes we all need healing hands to help us along. Even those little ones with chubby toes and tiny woes.  



Life is the Special Occasion 

  Why wait for next week, next month, next year? Why wait for a birthday or anniversary? 

Why wait at all? 

Life is your special occasion to be celebrated everyday. You deserve that “just because” treat. As a working mom of a 9 month old, it is very easy to put myself second, every time – really I don’t mind at all, as I love everything I do for my baby girl. Moms take on everything; the corporate world, planning family meals, shopping, budgeting, the household and remembering to remember to put that date of that “thing” for “what’s its name” in your iPhone calendar that also needs to be charged. 

In the world wind of reports, emails, laundry detergent and spaghetti – you lose yourself. 

Some days I feel frazzled, worn down and running on empty. Sometimes you need to be selfish and spoil yourself. Win a little of yourself back, just for you. 

That is why I love to visit the La Vita Spa at the Palace (in Durban beachfront). It is a short drive to bliss. I can check out from the world for an hour or two. I don’t wait for my birthday or when someone else (aka husband) wants to spoil me. I do it for myself.  

The calm relaxing environment and stunning views of the Indian Ocean, truly captive you.   

 Why wait – life is your special occasion, celebrate it and steal some special time for just because. 



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