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Breast Awareness

The pink ribbon is the most prominent symbol of breast cancer awareness, and in many countries the month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer in women, and the second main cause of cancer death in women, after lung cancer.

What causes breast cancer?

Breast cancer is thought to be caused by a combination of our genes, lifestyle choices and surrounding environment.

There are many things, or factors, that can increase or decrease the risk of developing breast cancer. One of the biggest risk factors is increasing age. At least four out of five breast cancers occur in women over 50.

In a small number of cases, breast cancer runs in the family. Most women with breast cancer do not have a family history of the disease or the faulty genes linked to breast cancer.

You can lower your risk of developing breast cancer by making changes such as drinking less alcohol, maintaining a healthy weight and being regularly physically active.

How to be breast aware

Being breast aware simply means knowing what your breasts look and feel like normally, being on the lookout for any unusual changes and getting them checked out by your doctor.
No one knows your body better than you and everyone will have their own way of touching and looking for changes – there’s no special technique and you don’t need any training.


Research suggests that other factors such as smoking, being exposed to chemicals that can cause cancer, and changes in other hormones due to night shift working also may increase breast cancer risk.

Best spa in Ballito

There are loads of spas in Ballito with the area growing so rapidly. One can enjoy a wide range of treatments at several of them. We are confident that you will agree that the Best spa in Ballito is La Vita. We are committed to provide the very best range of treatments, professional and friendly service. From an array of anti Ageing facials to non surgical facelifts, and cellulite reversal or just the greatest deep0 pressure massage – the best spa in Ballito is La Vita. Come visit soon.

Non surgical face lifts 

Interestingly if you ask plastic surgeons and anti ageing specialists what makes people look older, you will hear a myriad of responses. From wrinkles, to hooded eye lids, to shadows, to hollowed temples, to black under eye rings, stringy neck, deep nasolabial folds,  thin skin, thick skin, pigmentation, ruddy complexion and many more.

In analysis however at first glance the one single thing that is a give away of ageing is the sagging of the lower half of the face and the changing of the shape from a triangle to a square.

So if you had the choice of having surgery to hooded eye lids or a half neck lift which is becoming more and more common, the one that would produce the best and most youthful appearance would be the neck lift which would instantly restore the triangle shape to the lower part of the face.

Besides surgery the one treatment that does make a difference is non surgical face lifts whether they be by micro current, ultrasound, or radio frequency, they all tighten the lower half of the face and restore the triangle shape. Coupled with face exercises (u can find loads on line) such treatments can provide you with noticeable and sustainable results.

La Vita Spas in South Africa and UK have been successfully providing courses of non surgical face lift treatments and also encourage daily face exercises which stimulate the muscle tone and tighten the skin.

La Vita spa in Ballito

Ballito is one of the fastest growing coastal towns that South Africa has to offer. Today the town of Ballito offers a lifestyle second to none. Magnificent beaches, great shopping centers, best restaurants, climate to die for – Ballito is the place that picture books and dreams are made of.

La vita spas one of the countries chain of wellness spas has opened a wellness haven in Ballitos’oldest hotel La Montagne. Today the spa provides a wide range of services including a great relaxation area, jacuzzi, steam room, retail therapy, and just the most amazing treatments including non surgical face lifts, cellulite reversal, and facials that make your skin simply glow.

Local ladies, moms and daughters and couples make the La Vita spa their first choice all the time. When local resident KAREN was asked what she loves most about the spa – she said the truth is that besides the obvious excellence and amazing treatments – it’s the team – they are just awesome – you feel at home in minutes and it’s hard not to love coming back. They just have a formula that works.

Spas  in Durban 

I have originally had plastic surgery which I was not happy with and finally ended up with a plastic surgeon suggesting that I look into selected beauty treatments. Within a year thereafter I found myself spending more and more time away  from my busy holiday rental business and property development to travel the world to explore the world of wellness. 

Previously I believe that the wellness world was a frivolous and meaningless service, but after in depth research and being challenged by several passionate individuals whose lives had been changed by the wellness service industry, I developed a strongly renewed respect for the world of wellness which I learned were meaningfully  serving the needs of stressed, anxious, uptight individuals with poor health regimes.

Within a period of a few short years I found my self opening spa after spa in the Durban area.  These were being swamped with the demand from individuals from all walks of life who needed the time out to care for their souls, bond with friends and family, to relax cramped muscles, to improve sleep routines, to reverse cellulite, address the signs of ageing and fight the ravages of time. There are many Spas in Durban  but my favorite are   La Vita spas, today offers friendly spas around South Africa and the United Kingdom where everyone finds that special haven.  Their spas in Durban include The Palace, Durban Sands, 10 South, La Montagne, No.1. Crompton street, Pinetown,  Breakers. 
Spas in Durban   Offer great services – whether it’s treatments for the bridal party, moms and daughters, romantic  couples hot stone massages, beachside pedicures, full body exfoliation, deep tissue massage – La Vita Spas customers are loving what we offer.

La Vita Anti Ageing

Vitamin A for anti Ageing 

Amongst other recently researched anti Ageing ingredients that are big news are  Olive Oil,Vitamin A and Green Rooibos

Green Rooibos has been found to create natural tightening and brightening of the skin with a youthful glow. It has a well known undisputed fact that all teas are amongst the best antioxidants when consumed or applied topically. For years the Chinese have been drinking teas and applying tea bags to reduce puffiness and dark circles and not surprisingly are known to look years younger than other women around the world.


Vitamin A on the other hand is the gold standard of anti Ageing which is almost always included in the higher end anti Ageing day and night creams. Both clinical trials and research have proven that Vitamin A with its skin renewal process of speeding up  the turnover of skin exfoliation is known to preserve the youthful looking skin.


La Vita a well known chain of Spas have created a world class facial range which includes all of the above antiageing ingredients.  La Vita Spas have recently opened their first of many Spas in the UK in the Lake District.



LaVita Spa Therapists make the difference

A great wellness treatment whether it’s massage, hot stone, exfoliation, pedi or manicure, in fact any form of treatment truly depends on the therapist. Not just her or his ability to execute a technically sound process, but more importantly that the therapist has the right personality to be compliant, passionate and particularly aware of the customers needs, comfort, body language.
La Vita spas which employs a few hundred therapists across its spas, believes that the key attribute they apply to their selection criteria is that each therapist has solid self esteem, is obviously well qualified, but most importantly,  values and  reads the customers disposition without speaking.

LaVita is delighted at the long service record most of their staff boast, and just as importantly when customers say “my therapist just knows what I want and feel. She knows me better than I know myself”


Cleansers can strip your skin

Women around the world for decades spend thousands on potions and products that promise to provide them youth in a jar, and day after day they awake  disappointed at the results. Yet many of these women are completely oblivious that no matter how good a day or night cream you use,  the wrong cleanser for your skin type or a cleanser that is too strong can cause untold damage.

Generally woman over the age of 30 should treat ageing skin as extremely delicate and in most cases should ensure that there are no harsh or drying ingredients to avoid stripping the skin of natural oils.

La Vita Spas recently researched and developed a high end cleanser with extremely delicate, yet effective ingredients perfectly suited to the Ageing skin. Containing Green Rooibos extract and Olive oil the cleanser gently removes all traces of make up and grime from pores whilst maintaining the skins perfect balance.

I personally have a greasy T panel and have found that this new La Vera range has made an unbelievable difference to the balance of my skin. The cleanser just leaves my skin feeling silky but definitely tones down the oiliness. I simply love it.


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