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Sisters… are doing it for themselves….

Yes we are!

Gone are the days we have to wait to be treated or wait for someone to gift us a spa experience. I don’t know about you, but I drop the hints to my partner all the time… ohh my back…. my shoulders are so stiff – in hope that he might surprise me with a spa day.

Don’t wait!

You are a strong independent woman, there is no need to wait. Here are our top 2 picks we think you need to treat yourself to:

Mona Lisa Facial and Massage

What you get:  Refreshment as well as your own take home Salon size Professional Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer.

LUXURY CLASSIC SOOTHING FACIAL – A full hour of pampering includes deep cleansing, steaming, exfoliation and softening of the skin, extraction of black and white heads. A hand and foot massage is included. This facial is suitable for all skin types and ages and is great for men.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE – An ancient Indian form of massage for face, head, neck and shoulders. This technique is used widely for relieving tension headaches and daily pressure. Working on specific pressure points you are sure to feel energized and revitalized

Sunset Top-to-Toe Package

A top-to-toe unique blend to embrace the afternoon whilst enjoying refreshments.

HOT STONE FULL BODY MASSAGE – Experience the ultimate relaxation. Incorporating smooth heated basalt stones to promote a sedative and re-energizing response. The luxury of touch, combined with the warm stones, melts away stress and tension. Extremely relaxing and therapeutic.

SUPER EXTRACTION – This dramatic facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation and steaming to soften and release blockages. Specialized extraction ensures that all pores are unblocked followed by a soothing facial massage and mask, resulting in radiant skin.

VENETIAN HANDS & FEET – A well groomed appearance is becoming increasingly important. Enhance your hands and feet with gentle exfoliation leaving the skin delectably soft and supple. This is followed by cuticle care and pressure point massage to conclude this uplifting experience.

Spa Getaway: Club Mykonos Langebaan

If you could dream about a holiday destination that gives you everything on your wish list – the picture that should form in your mind is one of white washed buildings, exotic location, endless beautiful horizons, delicious gourmet food, great wine, tons of actives and watching the sun set over the Atlantic ocean.

Club Mykonos in Langebaan is all of those things and more, it is truly a one of kind resort on the west coast.

The resort caters for your every need, it is one of those holiday destinations that would work for the whole family. Part of their experience is the amazing La Vita Spa, in the Health and Leisure centre. One of La Vita’s flagship spas, this is a not to be missed treat when staying at the resort.


What you can expect:

  • Couples treatment rooms
  • Single treatment rooms
  • Steam room
  • Outdoor treatments
  • Gymnasium
  • Heated indoor swimming pool
  • Relaxation lounge
  • Manicure area
  • 2 Jacuzzis
  • Wet room
  • Steam room
  • 2 Saunas
  • 2 Plunge pools
  • The Leisure cafe

The Italian inspired spa, radiates luxury and serenity, the warmth you feel when you enter this spa is amazing, the therapists are so welcoming. When planning on visiting Club Mykonos and the La Vita Spa, make sure you book your spa treatments in advance, take a look at the treatment menu to plan your day.

To find out more, click here 

The Healing Power of Touch 

 mother and daughter It is 11:30pm – my eyes are burning, frustrated and running out of options. My 9 month old baby girl is teething. She won’t settle and keeps waking up.  I have tried the following:

  • Teething gel
  • Panado syrup
  • Bottle
  • Breastfeeding 
  • Rocking and patting  

Nothing was working, she would not settle and I could see she was uncomfortable and agitated. Who could blame her with 3 new teeth cutting through. When I was on my last tether and about to breakdown. Instinct kicked in. I calmly lay her down and placed her two chubby baby feet on my lap and started to gently massage the soles of her feet. Not too light to tickle and not to hard to hurt. Within seconds I noticed the once tense tiny little body start to relax and calm. I could not believe it. The calming touch of my hands soothed her stressed little self. Soon she was in a deep sleep and not long after I too was deep in slumber. 

It reminded me that no matter the age, the healing touch of another’s hands can melt all your stresses away. Every time I visit the spa and let myself go and melt away into the caring hands of one of the well trained ladies of La Vita, I know I will leave there feeling better than I did before. Sometimes we all need healing hands to help us along. Even those little ones with chubby toes and tiny woes.  



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