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I will always remember what my mother told me “never leave the house without your face on, you never know who you might meet”. How true those words are, the very few times I did decide to pop out with minimal effort, Murphy would have it and I would run into someone I NEVER would want to be seen in front of frumpy. Lesson learnt! What about at home? I believe the same rules apply.

About 2 years ago I was in my yard playing with my puppy. No makeup – frumpy clothes! And guess what! I hear a hello from my gate, I can’t quickly run inside and do a quick fix, I have been seen! So I walk towards the gate to find two people wanting to chat about their religion. You won’t believe it… there standing in front of me was the most gorgeous JW I have ever seen! Never again will I put anything less than my best foot forward.

This past year I became a mom to a gorgeous little girl. I believe it is my duty as her first female role model to instill confidence and respect for oneself within her. You don’t need to put makeup on every day to feel beautiful. When she is old enough I will teach her about makeup. For now, while she is young, the lessons she will learn is that there is nothing wrong with embracing your femininity. Caring about your grooming does not make you pretentious. It shows respect for yourself and those around you, you care enough to dress up for the world.

You can only make one first impression. 


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